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Helping you become the leader your nonprofit needs you to be

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If they don't know you they can't fund you

It’s not always about the work. Sad but true. It's about visibility. It's always about visibility. If people don't know about you or your organization then they can't fund your mission. And your nonprofit is dead. I want to change that. Your hard work deserves recognition, visibility, media, and sizable contributions from individuals, tech companies, celebrities, politicians, influencers, and leaders.

It's time to do something different—and that starts by accelerating your influence.

Accelerated: Pitch + Marketing Coaching and Consulting program for Nonprofits

The ultimate coaching program and community for nonprofits specifically designed to accelerate your influence. I want to help you increase your income, impact, visibility, awareness and influence so that you can increase your funding, donations, and contributions.

This monthly membership coaching and consulting program comprised of Live Lesson + Labs will help you unlearn old, broken, and outdated methods of pitch, packaging, communication, marketing, and funding.

Here’s What You’ll Learn


Your entire life comes down to one thing...

The Pitch.

You are either pitching for funding, support, or a date. You are ALWAYS pitching.

A pitch seems like a simple accomplishment yet it's complex. An ineffective pitch will cost you millions in lost opportunity. Do not lose an opportunity because you lack clarity, call to action, a concise message, passion, or -- you simply ramble on for days without a clear path to funding.

Ever wonder why someone in your exact same field seems to land 4, 5,6 figure partnerships, grants, and contributions and you don't?

It's all about pitch and presentation.

In Accelerated: Pitch + Marketing coaching and consulting program, I teach you the exact pitch framework used by tech founders in Silicon Valley to land million dollar investments. You will use the exact framework nonprofit founders have used to raise nearly a half-million dollars on Pitch Your NonProfit Show, the #1 NonProfit Show on Clubhouse.

How do you get people to act on your behalf? We’ll explore strategies that help you turn your communication skills into a strategic call-to-action battle cry and create more favorable outcomes in most situations using proven persuasion and negotiation techniques.

A leader is only as good as his or her pitch.



Influencer Marketing, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Stealth Marketing, Product Marketing, Event Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, Earned Media, Paid Media, Word Of Mouth Marketing, Partnerships, Sponsorships,


Do you feel empowered with your marketing and visibility efforts? It can feel overwhelming managing a nonprofit while being saddled with the task of thinking of creative ways to market and fundraise. It feels overwhelming because you are not a marketer, you are a passion and mission driven entrepreneur.

Gain control of your fundraising opportunities

I want to empower you with specific tips, tools, and templates to pitch and market your organization so that you can increase your visibility and donations. Learn and practice proven techniques that help set you a part from the millions of nonprofits fundraising across the world. Stand out!


Are you tired of failing to meet your money goals?

Perhaps you already know everything there is to know about pitching, marketing, visibility and media but your organization is not where it should be. You know you are capable of being full time in your business and having a six or seven figure operating budget but you just aren't there. And you are tired of holding yourself back.

I want to hold you accountable.

Having accountability partners improves our rate of success by 70% . Your communities success depends on your commitment to fund it. Let's ensure you have a community to help you market and pitch your organization. It's all about influence and visibility.


"I pivoted my strategy from always focusing "the work" and I took Liberty's advice to focus on content and marketing first. Everything about my nonprofit changed, we are now fully funded and are able to do more for the young men we serve. Local political leaders have even reached out us!" - Coach Coop

Learn how to create and cultivate influence where it matters most. This group coaching and consulting program helps you move your organization from "just another nonprofit" to

" I want to align my mission, vision, and dollars" with this nonprofit.

Accelerate your income, impact, and influence.


Get inspired to take action.

Get your community to take action on your behalf.

We build confidence in strategic business development

Ready to activate audiences and increase donations?

Join Accelerated: Pitch +Marketing coaching and consulting program to help you become the leader your nonprofit needs you to be


The meaning of ACCELERATED is occurring or developing at a faster rate than usual.

Get funding, faster.


With little experience in marketing and no knowledge of how to really grow my nonprofit, I was anxious when first starting out. Luckily, I found Pitch Your NonProfit Show and found Liberty. I began taking her advice and using it to build my nonprofit. I was contacted by a government agency to directly apply for a grant, they saw me in an interview with Liberty!

Nonprofit Founder


All I can say is WOW. I'm so happy I found this level of coaching and training for nonprofits. I never understood the importance of marketing or pitching my nonprofit. Now I have Silicon Valley tech founder who has joined by board. He and his partners have contributed over 5 figures and counting to my small nonprofit. All because they saw me on a show. It's truly unbelievable. I'm still benefiting to this day. I would have never met these individuals-if not for Liberty's hard work, guidance, and media and marketing intervention. I have never looked at the nonprofit world with this lens before. I learned so much about how pitch and present my organization. I've taken the recommended steps to shift to a more visibility centered style that's put the organization front and center. Our productivity is THROUGH THE ROOF now.

NonProfit Founder

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Who's this program for?

Accelerated: Pitch + Marketing coaching and consulting program for nonprofits is for those who want to increase funding through visibility, content, conversation, and media. We focus on bringing attention and funding to your organization.

This program IS for you if you

✅Feel overwhelmed

✅ Have questions but don’t know what to ask

✅Determined to be successful so that you can further your mission and help your community

✅Are ready to take yourself seriously 

✅ Want to gain clarity

✅A roadmap to success

✅ Want a like-minded accountability partner 

✅ Did not raise over $10k this holiday season

What's the time commitment?

The program is monthly Live Lesson + Labs

Lesson + Lab format provides the opportunity to learn current trends + pivot accordingly while providing the opportunity for direct Q+ A consulting regarding your specific organization. 2 Hours

Where:  All Lesson + Lab session are via Zoom 

You will gain lifetime access to all the downloadable resources and recorded video trainings. This way, you can revisit the program at your own pace and a your own convenience.

Am I guaranteed a funding or visibility?

While we'd love to be able to guarantee you will be featured in Forbes, the local TV station will cut you a $25k big check ( which actually happened for a nonprofit founder on Pitch Your NonProfit Show), I can not guarantee your success. The only person who can is you. And the reason I cannot guarantee your success is I do not know your level of " Tired".

If you are tired of doing the same thing over and over and you are willing to work hard and do something new then I can promise success. I can guarantee you'll be given the tools, techniques, and support you need to clarify what you want, articulate your worth, and lead a campaign strategically with media and marketing first in mind every time.

Who is this program for?

This program is for you if you

❌ Do not have a content calendar

❌ Do not have a micro, macro, mega influencer under contract

❌Do not have a EPK

❌Did not raise $10,000 - $100,000 without grants

❌Do not have a corporate partner

❌Do not have media publications calling you to feature, highlight, or quote you on TV, major publications, or podcast

How can I join?

Join NOW

Three payment options

Pay in Full $5997

Two Payments of $2998

Monthly $547

Pay in Full: Bonus

10-piece content strategy including a one-on-one sit-down interview with Liberty Madison, #ThatTechGirl as she interviews you about your work as a nonprofit founder. This interview is strategically used to increase your influence across various platforms online. (Valued at $5,200)

Payment Options

We do not want the investment to be a barrier for early-stage nonprofits

1. Apply for in-house financing

2. Apply for financing through one of our partners

3. Fundraising- Your organization can raise the funds to enroll in the program

4. Grants- Many grants will cover the cost of your enrollment to Accelerated.

Book a call to discuss your finance options. We would love to take this journey with you!

What are the benefits of paying in full?

The BEST option is to pay in full.

1. You lock in the lowest rate possible.

2. You receive additional pitch support

3. A content bonus

Bonus when paid in full: A 10- piece content strategy that includes actual content. A one-hour one-on-one sit-down interview with the host and producer of Pitch Your NonProfit Show, Liberty Madison #ThatTechGirl known as the Oprah of Silicon Valley, about your nonprofit organization to improve your SEO and visibility.

VALUE at ($5,200) FREE as a bonus when you pay in full

(Don't worry, I will send over interview prep guidelines a head of time. I'm here to make sure you shine.)

Do you offer 1:1 Coaching?

YES! One on One fundraising coaching program to move your nonprofit from obscurity to funded starts at $12,500.

I recommend taking my group coaching + consulting program, Accelerated —you will gain tremendous value from it.

If group coaching is for you and feel you need specialized personalized time with me you can book a consultation or a VIP day with me and I will work with you one on one. From there we can identify your short or long-term goals and work towards achieving them together. (These are limited)

What are the benefits of Accelerated?

Benefits of Accelerated :

  • Priority Pitch Pass on Pitch Your NonProfit Show
  • Q + A about your specific nonprofit organization
  • Current Marketing, PR, Content Strategy, Pitch tips, tools, templates
  • Special Guest Speakers
  • Lesson + Lab format
  • Personal strategy sessions with Liberty
  • Increase your productivity, confidence, and funding
  • Support with marketing, pitch, introductions
  • Relevant deep dive into specifics of your organization


Value of $19,000 coaching

Who is this program design for?

📍This program is designed to accelerate your influence as a nonprofit organization and a nonprofit founder. This is a media mix of marketing and pitching! Visibility is the difference between the success or failure of your organization. I support you with nonprofit marketing, influence, public relations, and influencers. We will not discuss how to start/establish or maintain your nonprofit. We assist you with scaling your nonprofit startup. I work with you as your marketing and funding solution. We are nonprofit marketing, pitch marketing, and funding experts who support founders. We are opening our umbrella to support NONPROFIT founders on addition to tech founders.

When can I join?


Join now to begin to prep for Q4 to set yourself up for success this holiday season

Accelerated is designed for nonprofits. This affordable rate welcomes organizations of all stages.

Note: Accelerated increases on November 1.

Accelerate, the sister program to Accelerated, is designed for (for-profit) businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs and starts at $12997.

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About the Coach

Liberty Madison is a content, media, tech, and creative marketing professional.

Let's increase your income, impact, and influence! 

I am a highly energetic marketing and media professional who knows how to leverage media to increase awareness, influence, and income for nonprofits around the world. 

I became the first-ever tech influencer to take over Cisco corporate social media channels. I am on air talent for Salesforce, DocuSign, Cisco, Tech TV, CW network, and ABC. I am a professional TV host using my years of experience to engage and delight audio audiences. 

During the pandemic, I created the hit show, Pitch Your NonProfit show. We are now the #1 NonProfit Show on Clubhouse. We have funded over $500,000 to grassroots, nonprofit founders, since 2020.

I love changing the way nonprofits view funding and visibility. I have been instrumental in helping fund nearly half a million dollars to small grassroots nonprofit organizations by leveraging influencers, social media, pr, and event marketing. I have been featured in major publications, global media outlets, and countless podcasts,  partnered with celebrities, influencers, and leaders to impact change-AND SO CAN YOU.

You just need the right tools.

The right mix of Confidence, Accountability, And Visibility.

And the right MEDIA MIX!

Become a better leader.

Accelerated: Pitch + Marketing coaching and consulting for your nonprofit organization

Pay In Full  (BEST)

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I'm looking forward to working with you